Nov 16, 2015

Your simple Pil in supreme court, can save hundreds of faces in india, from being disfigured by acid attack cases

Both acid attack and rape, on indian womens take place because of
some or few males who think women as un natural or low grade human
beings, which they are not .

prison term for accused in these cases have not stopped crime against
indian womens .

gov should pass a law which should state clearly if some one throws ,
acid on women or man, and the victim suffers burns on face or looses
an eye or eye sight,

then not only the accused should get 10 years imprisonment but also
his property or his family's property , if he is living with his
family, would be auctioned and the money from the auction would go for
treatment of the victim in india or abroad.

Once courts in india start auctioning  properties of acid throwers ,
to treat the victim of acid attack, it would have positive
psychological affect on acid throwers.

In majority of acid attack cases, males take out frustation on women ,
who has said no to his love or marriage proposal, by throwing acid.

But when the same male knows before throwing acid on his lost
love,that court will sell all his property to compensate the women, So
he cant digest this. This reason would  prevent Males or females from
throwing acid on each other.

one more method is just like how sim purchase requires identity and
address proof, similarly if anyone buys acid from shop or factory should be forced to
submit the relevant documents while purchasing acid for industrial or
any workshop etc purpose.ordinary persons should not be sold acid .

File a simple Pil in supreme court of India, with this matter ,
definitely Supreme court would agree with property auction of
attackers, there by preventing acid attack cases from occuring.

Your simple PIL would save hundreds of human faces from being
disfigured, in india annually.

Do no more delays.

MD Rizwan S

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