Nov 9, 2015

Dont buy honda bile & cars, details given below

save your respected cusotmers from cheating & frauds of this co.

Chief Editors, Editors, Journalists, Reporters,

For publication: Look the matter of Honda Bikes, scooters & cars.
Inform the facts of this Honda co. to respected readers for saving them
Cheating of this Honda Co.
Here I am sending some facts of Honda bike & scooters. Publish this matter in
your newspaper for saving your readers from cheating & frauds of these
automobiles cos.
This email sent on 06.11.15

Honda Shine bike failed within 11 month, not trustable: Honda is well
known world wide name in bikes, cars, electrical goods since 30years,
but now it is not trustable name: I bought a Honda Shine 125cc on
13.11.14, engine no. JC36E-7-3593099 frame no. ME4C36 NGEA 01475,
after 2nd servicing, engine oil started to leak, when I asked, to
Kasliwal Honda Indore for it. Their mechanic told us it is coming from
engine, 1st gear require to change, I asked to change it, but they
charged its money while it was only 7month,  I asked to them it is in
warranty period, but these vultures not accepted, I paid this money.
In the month of July its accillator wire broken, and I changed on my
cost. Before 11 month on 10.10.2015, sound was there in crank, I asked
to Kasliwal Honda, mechanic told me, it require to change its piston
valve & crank, I told them it is in warranty period, you change it on
your cost, he asked me, you will have to pay some Rs500/- for its
charges when I asked to call centre of Honda on phone no.18001033434,
they promised me, no it will be on our cost. They changed its piston
block, on 26.10.15, and asked to come within 10 days for tightening
some bolts after 500 km, on 04.11.15, I left this bike for a day, on
05.11.15, after 74 km, sound again started from crank. I think that
these dirty fraudulent mechanics again changed its piston & placed old
2nd coincide, this bike never given average of more than 35-40 km per litre.
While in scooters, in aviator scooter, there is 16 screws for reaching
to engine for increasing prices, and torturing owners, in case of
repairing, while most of time mechanics not fits all screws & other
parts, that creates damage of body & big problems.
It is proved that these dirty corrupt Honda now is not reliable name
for any types of vehicles, i.e. for bikes, scooters, cars etc., above
case proved quality of their vehicles & their dealers.
Email sent on 08.11.15

your most of dealers are highly cheater & fraudulent, Kaswliwal of
Indore is one of them, at once, their mechanics replace block & piston
on 26.1015, again they called my bike no. MP09, QJ 0709 Honda Shine
125cc of 13.11.14, engine no. JC36E-7-3593099 frame no. ME4C36 NGEA
01475,. on 04.11.15, and changed its piston & block, that caused
trouble on 05.11.15, when I filed a complaint with you, next day I
sent this vehicle, to their work shop, mechanic told it is very
common, and taken this vehicle for repairing and told to take it at
6PM, when reached, mechanic told no come by tomorrow, this is time of
Deepawali festival,  what is  need of vehicle for a journalist, you
can imagine. this was 5th day when these cheaters block vehicle, who
will pay my losses of Rs.1lakh.
2nd coincide these dirty corrupts are habitual of such types of bad &
unfair practices for torturing & snatching of money from vehicle
owners, that's defaming you & your company world wide.
if you are unable to refund my money or change my vehicle, it is
decided I will regularly publish this news against you, in my
newspaper & load it on my website, i sent also this
news of more than 500 journalists of India, whom are working with
different daily, weekly newspapers & media channels.
Bike is laying with Kasliwal Honda Indore work shop since 10am of
07.11.15, promised to give at 6pm, when reached told get it by
tomorrow at 12 noon, when I asked today than replied get it by
tomorrow evening. How these dirty bustards are torturing on time of
While engine can replace within 1 hour to 3hours but these dirty
torturing since last 2 days.

So it is required to publish this news in your news papers for saving
further torturing to your respected readers.

Ajmera SP Kumar                                                
Chief Editor                                                
Weekly SAMAY MAYA news paper

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