Nov 6, 2015

PU pays teacher without performance of exam duty & spot evaluation in excess of permitted limits

By Registered Post & Emailed at
No. 846-C dated 06-11-2015.

Dr M. Hamid Ansari
Hon’ble Chancellor, Panjab University &
Vice-President of India,
Vice-President’s Secretariat,
6, Maulana Azad Road,
New Delhi-110011.

Sub:    PU made payment to teacher without performance of any duty &
        spot-evaluation of answer-books in excess of permitted limit


From the documents procured by me from Panjab University under RTI
Act, it has surfaced that the University has released payment to a
teacher for some duty which she had not performed.

I had sought from the University to disclose under RTI Act on
04-08-2015 (Annexure-I) the Inspector/Flying Squad duties performed
and payment made thereof to 4 teachers namely Mrs. Rupinder Chatha, Dr
Ranjay Vardhan, Ms Shubhpreet Kaur and Ms Neena Goyal working in
various affiliated colleges of this University. In response, Assistant
Registrar Accounts informed me on 23-09-2015 (Annexure-II) that till
date payment has been made to 2 of these 4 teachers namely Mrs
Rupinder Chatha and Ms Shubhpreet Kaur.

Contrarily however, Deputy Registrar (Examinations) has admitted in
clear terms on 31-08-2015 (Annexure-III) that out of the 4 teachers,
only Mrs Rupinder Chatha had performed the duty of Flying Squad
Officer at SGGS College, Sector 26 on April 24, 2015 (Morning
Session). If Ms Shubhpreet Kaur had not performed the duty of
Inspector/ Flying Squad, how could she get money from the University
exchequer on this account? What the people sitting at top of
examination system of the University doing? Whether checks and
controls have completely failed in release of public money? Audit
clearance for these financial irregularities also warrants

Records obtained via RTI further bring the duty performed by Mrs
Rupinder Chatha as Flying Squad Officer under scanner in view of her
spot evaluation of answer-books of BA Sociology. As per the
instructions given by the Controller of Examinations, a teacher can
evaluate a maximum of 60 answer-books in a day (both morning & evening
sessions). Mrs Rupinder Chatha, however, evaluated @ 116 answer-books
per day (1397 answer-books in 12 days: April 16, 17, 19-24, 26-29)
(Annexure-IV) almost double the permitted limit. How could then she
simultaneously perform the duty of Flying Squad Officer at another
location when she was already over-busy in spot evaluation of
answer-books in the University Campus. This raises doubt on the
functioning of those who regulate examination duties, spot evaluation
of answer-books and release of payments.

In addition, Assistant Registrar, Secrecy has disclosed vide
Annexure-V payment to Mrs Chatha on account of conveyance for
evaluation of answer-books for the period April 30 to May 5, 2015, but
failed to disclose the answer-books, if any, which were evaluated
during this period.

Since embezzlement of every single penny from the tax-payers money
needs to be looked into and recovered, you are therefore requested to
get the things probed, take action against the defaulters and recover
money lost by the University illegally from its exchequer.

As per universally accepted principles, no one can be the judge of his
own cause. But unfortunately, all of my previous complaints against
corruption in Panjab University have been marked to the guilty
officials of the University for investigation and action against
themselves. Hope the matter this time will be marked to/got
investigated by those not involved in the matter.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Rajinder K Singla
RTI Activist
# 102, Sector 23-A, Chandigarh.

Encl.   1.      RTI application dated 04-08-2015
        2.      Letter from Asst. Registrar, Accounts dated 23-09-2015
        3.      Letter from Deputy Registrar, Examinations dated 31.08.2015
        4.      Document showing payment for evaluation of 1397 answer-books
        5.      Document showing payment of conveyance for evaluation of
answer-books other than 1397.

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