Nov 3, 2015

VHP Memo to LG to stop Beef in Delhi, Complaint regarding sale of Beef in Delhi

: Letter also sent to HM, MCD, Hotels & Restaurants : New Delhi, Nov. 03, 2015. Vishwa Hindu Parishad Delhi today sent a letter to the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi complaining sale of beef in many Hotels, restaurants and food joints of Delhi. The letter jointly signed by the Kshetriya Gau Raksha Pramukh shri Rashtra Prakash and the Delhi state joint Secretary of VHP shri Ram Pal Singh Yadav appealed the head of the national capital region to stop sale of Beef in Delhi forthwith.

Releasing the letter to the media, the spokesperson of Vishwa Hindu Parishad shri Vinod Bansal said that the information of Beef sale in the national capital was pouring in since last many days. The Kerala House incidence & the latest sting telecasted on some national media channels well exposed such incidents openly challenging law of the land & religious sentiments of Hindus.

Highlighting the provisions of the Delhi Agricultural Cattle Preservation Act, 1994, the letter said that “despite complete prohibition on sale, purchase, possession and consumption of beef in Delhi, various hotels, restaurants and food joints are selling beef”. “The said Act clearly prohibits the purchase, sale, import, export, possession & serving of the flesh of cows, calves, bulls and bullocks of all ages as well as their disposal for slaughter in any manner” the VHP added.

Despite the said law being in full force, its enforcement by the concerned authorities seems to be in question. It is shocking to witness that many Hotels/restaurants and food joints in Delhi, are still daring to carry ‘beef’ as it is or otherwise in their food menu. A little reference to any dictionary available clearly exposes the dubious arguments of those who are trying to mislead the masses that buffalo meat is also covered under the definition of ‘beef’, the letter said.

VHP appealed LG to issue immediate necessary directions to the concerned licensing and other law enforcing authorities to ensure implementation of law of the land, nab the culprits and stop hurting religious sentiments of Hindus.

Copy of the letter has also been sent to the Union Home Ministry, Commissioner of Police, Mayors & Commissioners of Municipal Corporations of Delhi and Hotel, restaurants & food joints of Delhi for implementation of the law. In our letter, We have categorically stated that “in case the sale or serving of beef do not stopped forthwith, we will have to launch an agitation to protect the law”, Bansal added.

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