Nov 13, 2015

March for Constitution,Diversity and Harmony... 14th November @3.00pm

From Mazar of Maulana Azad (In front of Jama Masjid)  to Rajghat (Gandhi Samadhi) via Shanti Van (Nehru Samadhi)

During the Indian Freedom Movement we saw so many different personalities, ideologies and methods at work towards a common goal. Birsa Munda to Bhagat Singh, Gandhi to Shaikh-ul-Hind and Maulana Azad to Pt Nehru there were so many different faces to our struggle for freedom. On one hand our leaders fought against Britishers for the freedom of our country on the other hand they also tried hard to preserve the diversity of our society.

At that time the divisive forces succeeded in sowing the seed of hatred and dividing the country. Only after killing of Gandhi their true face came to light and they went to backfoot for next half a century.

But today there is a growing threat towards this diversity. There are divisive forces working very hard to sabotage the very fabric of this country. They are sowing seeds of suspicion in the young minds towards our leaders. Those leaders who gave so much to free our country, the leaders who built our nation brick by brick. These forces are pitching those leaders towards each other and making propaganda to defame them.

They have prepared a whole new alternative fake history and blatantly telling a totally fake account of their life complete with photoshoped pictures. On the top of their target list are Nehru and Gandhi.

On this birth anniversary of Jawaharlal  Nehru, we at Khudai Khidmatgar and National Movement Front are organizing  a walk from Mazar of Maulana Azad, a symbol  of secular values  to Rajghat a symbol of Non violence via Shantivan, samadhi of Nehru, a symbol of diverse character of India.A march to save the foundation of our nation. To protect the idea of India we must protect our symbols and leaders.

We know that its a first step towards a greater goal and a united and peaceful India. We will face great difficulties on this path but we know that as long as we are on a right path and the people of this country are with us, we will succeed.

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 Thanks & Regards

Faisal Khan
Khudai Khidmatgar
National Alliance of People Movement
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