Nov 3, 2015

Pariksha Labs announces "Filmi Filmy" - the first music app in the world to offer song listing and voice search in Hindi

New Delhi, November, 2015; Pariksha Labs, a leading publisher of Indian apps has announced that its latest update of "Filmi Filmy - Your Favorite Bollywood Songs In Video" is the first app in the world to offer hindi song listings and voice search in Hindi.

Pariksha claims to have developed innovative English to Hindi transliteration technology which allows all songs to be listed in Hindi. The users are given an option to choose which language they wish to use. Thus both hindi speakers and non-speakers can use the app.

For hindi song listing mode, the company offers an innovative voice search (like SIRI) feature. Just tap on the microphone, speak your song and the search will find it basis the voice. "Filmi Filmy is the first app in the world to offer hindi voice search" claimed Mr. Arvind Jha, CEO Pariksha Labs.

For English language speakers, the app offers a powerful phonetic search capability. "We have the best phonetic search capability across all apps" said Mr. Arvind Jha. Users have complimented us on our sophisticated technology prowess.

Filmi Filmy brings over thirty two thousand (32,000) hindi film songs in video clips from YouTube on a single easy to use mobile app making it possible for consumers to find and watch their favorite film songs when they want to.

"Its extremely hard and frustrating to search for songs on YouTube. Every Tom, Dick & Harry has their own version. Also all the songs are listed in English and many of them have wrong spellings. The user spends more time searching than listening/watching the songs. As a hindi film song lover, I had to fix this" said Mr. Arvind Jha, CEO Pariksha Labs.

Filmi FIlmy with Hindi song titles, hindi voice search is available on both Apple AppStore & Google Play Store. The company offers an innovative in-app purchase to use voice search. Users can also share their favorite songs with friends and family.

Filmi Filmy has over 50,000 users from 60+ countries. It has reached the top new music app on the Indian store and the top music app in Pakistan in its earlier release. With a large hindi speaking base, the company is hoping to grow the user base manifold with this exciting and innovative release.

"Pariksha is one of the most innovative technology developer in India presently. Our other app "inNews: The BIG news now" is the first Indian app to use automated summary generation technology. Our app "ThotOfU" is the first app that allows the user to use any cloud based image in their greeting cards. We love to bring cool next-gen technology solutions for Indian customers through our apps" Mr. Arvind Jha stated.

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