Nov 17, 2015

Jharkhand Showcases Investment & Manufacturing Potential at India International Trade Fair 2015

42 stalls at the Jharkhand pavilion exhibit the state’s diverse spectrum from tribal homeland to TATA

New Delhi ​ : ​From indigenous artifacts, handicrafts to heavy machinery – the Jharkhand pavilion at the 35th India International trade Fair is showcasing the diversity of the state’s potential as a manufacturing hub as part of the ‘Make in India, Make in Jharkhand’ theme.

The Jharkhand pavilion was inaugurated yesterday by Hon’ble Minister for Rural Development and Rural Works, Government of Jharkhand, Shri Nilkanth Singh Munda at the IITF 2015. At the inauguration, Shri Nilkanth Singh Munda said “The IITF provides a platform for SMEs to showcase their products. Jharkhand has huge opportunities for investments in sectors like agriculture and mining. In the ease of doing business ranking, Jharkhand has been ranked at 3rd position by World Bank. This amply shows that our policies are investor friendly. The state government has taken several measures to enhance economic activities in the state.”

Goa and Jharkhand are the partner states for IITF 2015. Highlighting the potential of Jharkhand, Hon’ble President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee said given the fact that Jharkhand accounts for 40 per cent of India’s total mineral reserves and its distinct location advantage, the potential for industrial development is high.

The Jharkhand pavilion has 42 stalls through which the state is showcasing its diversified resources, art, culture and its achievements in various sectors. From small artifacts to heavy machineries, Jharkhand is showcasing their best works in each and everyfield.

From the renowned bamboo crafts of the state to wood crafts, metal works, Paitkar paintings, ornaments and stone carvings, the best of the indigenous works of the state are on display at the pavilion. At the same time, the progress made by the state in recent years in improving its infrastructure, healthcare and industry will also be showcased, along with major tourist attractions.

One of the most important attractions of the pavilion is the live making of Lac bangles which are widely loved among fashion lovers today. Each bangle is exclusive and depicts unique craftsmanship. The valuable and lavish bangles are elegantly carved and finished with utmost attention showcasing their skill of craftsmanship.

Different state departments including agriculture, tourism, forest, art and culture, infrastructure, power, information and technology, coal mines, industry, among others, have come together to exhibit their works and projects at the Trade Fair.

The pavilion has been set up according to the theme of promoting the state as a manufacturing hub in multiple fields. The state is highlighting its potential as an investment and manufacturing destination, and showcasing its environment of promoting entrepreneurship and job creation.

“A number of independent entrepreneurs and skilled craftsmen have come together to showcase the potential of Jharkhand as a business-friendly destination. Our aim is to encourage entrepreneurship in Jharkhand. The India International Trade Fair provides a much needed platform to entrepreneurs and small scale crafts persons from Jharkhand to develop business to business contacts and find new markets for their produce,” said one of the spokesperson from the pavilion.

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