Sep 17, 2013

Actor Karisma Kapoor shares experiences from her first book ‘My Yummy Mummy Guide’

Gurgaon, September 17, 2013:Fortis Mamma Mia, a comprehensive and distinctive bouquet of Fitness, Wellness and Information solutions for maternity and child care and Penguin Books India organized an insightful panel discussion highlighting various aspects of Pregnancy and Parenting - from why support is everything to the joys and perils of motherhood. The discussion focused on the journey of most women, from hiccups in planning a pregnancy to the burps of infants and the tantrums of toddlers.

The panelists included Karisma Kapoor, successful actor and mother of two, Ishi Khosla, Consultant Nutritionist, Shruti Saxena, Pre and Post-Natal Fitness Trainer and Anika Parashar Puri, Child Birth Educator and COO, Fortis Mamma Mia.

Karisma Kapoor also launched her first book, ‘My Yummy Mummy Guide’, a fun-filled book for young mothers, co-authored with Madhuri Banerjee, at the event. The book covers a range of topics including the first trimester and getting back in shape, finding the perfect maternity outfits, decorating children’s rooms, juggling work life and motherhood, planning the most stylish kiddie parties, growing-up issues and teen fads.

Speaking at the event, Karisma Kapoor said, “I wanted to share my motherhood journey with all young and expecting moms so women can face the challenges that accompany the birthing process and yet, cherish the most memorable time of their lives. What better way than to pen down tips of my own personal journey in My Yummy Mummy Guide, a book about managing my pregnancy, losing weight, beauty tips, and disciplining my kids.”

Anika Parashar Puri, Chief Operating Officer, Mamma Mia, said, “The need for community sharing and growing support highlighted in Karisma’s book is the same fuel for the existence of the Fortis Mamma Mia concept, a unique medical facility complemented by holistic services for pregnancy and baby care, inside the protected hospital environment of Fortis.”

Ms. Puri added, “There is a growing sense of pressure today among contemporary mothers to ‘have it all’. A struggle to lose weight fast, get back to work without compromising on feeding routines and care for one’s child. There is also a constant battle of quality time vs. quantity and on the parenting style they adopt. At Mamma Mia, we empower women to cope with the bodily changes and fitness challenges by providing strong emotional support and food for the soul for a wholesome birthing and parenting experience.”
IshiKhosla, Consultant Nutritionist, said, “An important aspect many women tend to ignore in this important phase is nutrition and striking the right balance in what they eat. Eating right will not only help them cope with their body’s physical and emotional changes but also enable them to support their child with the right nutrition for a healthy upbringing.”


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