Sep 19, 2013

Science and Media mix probed in Media Choupal

by Prathak Batohi

The Nawabi city of Bhopal witnessed two days of social media conclave, 'Media Chaupal' which concluded on 15 September 2013. Madhya Pradesh will be going to polls shortly and will be hub of media activity in the backdrop of towering rise of collegue from Gujrat and possible bastion of BJP under Shivraj. This bastion has now been taken head on by the person not less then stature of Jyotriaaditya Scindhia, youthful scintillation associated with this young leader may be the best bet by his party in its effort to dislodge Shivraj Government.

The social media is also keeping a watch on these events they are discussing and started debates on the electoral outcomes. After taking charge of MP Congress election commit he insisted that by birth one cant be labeled as feudal. Social media changed the whole discourse with intervention that one cant be labeled as feudal by virtue of birth but then if one carrying legacy of feudalism ie feudal wealth, estates and Palaces it becomes imperative to conclude the same. This was one example to suggest the rise of Social media in socio-politico sphere.

In this backdrop the complex issues of media, politics, calamity relief , delivery,  internet and science  were discussed with a focus on social media and science. Internet has now grown out of proportion and it had diversified the platform from data base to social interactive media to entertainment arena. The interaction on internet is now impossible to control given the number of transactions and the heterogeniety of internet users originating from different parts of the world. The social media also gets its organisation from this difficult mix this leads to another important point whether it is adequately organised or not and how  credible it is with its content.

Around 150 mediaperson, sceintists, development professionals, academecians and social media people across the breadth and length of the country had participated in the event jointly hosted by Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology ( MPCOST) and Spandan Society. The first day was dedicated on the Science and Media interaction and reporting of scientific events outcomes by the media in general and social media in particular. The crisp introduction
about the expectation of scientific community from media was presented by the director general of MPCOST Mr Pramod Kumar Verma which was followed by the session on science communication taken by senior scientist Manoj Srivastva from Ministry of Science and Technology and presided by Vice Chancellor of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism, Bhopal Prof. B.K. Kuthiala.

The second session was the most important session with subject line of new media new opportunity, moderated by Harsvardhan Pandey have key speaker
Jaydeep Karnik sharing his experience of running most successful hindi news portal outside the traditional media houses. Mr Karnik explained the sinusoidal nature of web media, its credibility and how it affected the political space and questioned media in particular with CBS case. He had also taken flurry of question from other participants. The session spiked its discussion with emotive issue of role of social media in riots while most of panelist agreed on its positive role Vartika Tomar, BBC intervened with  her contrarian view on social media.  The session appreciated the methodology of self reliant social media with new tools like adsense by Yashwant Singh, Editor, .

The third session was dedicated on the role of new media in the rescue operations, relief reporting and other important aspects in diasaster management was explored with key note address of Dr Subodh Mohanty, Senior scientist and Ajay Pandey, General Secretary of Delhi Journalist Association moderated the session. Senior journalists from the print media, electronic media participated in the debates in between the sessions most notably were Mr Umesh Chaturvedi from Live TV, Anurag Anveshi from Jansatta, Harshvardhan Tripathi Business editor P7 News, Smita Misra from Indian women Press Club, Shashidhar Trivedi from Business Standard, Ashish Anshu, Sopan Magzine and Freelancers Shivanand Dwivedi, Rajiv Gupta. The social media was primarily represented by Yashwant Singh of, Sanjeev Sinha from, Ajay Kulshrestha from Hindustan Times online and Jaydeep Karnik from Pankaj Kumar Jha, Deepkamal and Anil Saumitra  journalist and secretary of Spandan were other key note speakers of the event. The academic world was represented by Dr Lal Bahadur Ojha, Dr Saurabh Malviya, Dr Sanjay Dwivedi, Dr Pushpendra Singh and Prof  Hemant Joshi who presided over last session. Event was also well received by the scientists and professionals from the development sector, Minakshi Arora from India water portal and Prathak Batohi from PRANAY explored the potent and credible use for this sector.

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