Sep 23, 2013

Blatant Abuse of Political Clout: Human Lives Valueless for Greedy Politicians

Another classic example of how political expediency impinges on the rights and freedom of common citizens is the brazen act of the political high and mighty UKD leader in Dehradun. He is not only blatantly encroaching upon a public main road but also mindlessly totally disregarding the advisory following the recent man-created Uttarakhand tragedy.

Politicians will never learn lessons even where human safety is involved. The havoc and devastation which the Himalyan Tsunami wreaked on the inhabitants of Uttarakhand is still very fresh in everyone’s mind. But, the political bigwigs don’t care. Lives mean nothing to them unless they are their own their loved ones’.

An influential UKD political leader is abusing his political clout in Selaqui industrial area in Dehradun. He is constructing a building which is not only encroaching on the main road but also the bank of the river. The narrowing of the road will cause inconvenience and harassment to the public in the form of traffic jams. 

This construction on the bank of the river is an open invitation to the wrath of nature and another human tragedy.
The administration is turning a blind eye to this. The unholy nexus between the politicians, vested interests and the administration is very evident in this attempt to grab public property and the river bank.

The National Disaster Management Authority and the Department of Disaster Management Government of Uttarakhand and Disaster Mitigation and Management Centre Uttarakhand should come out of their deep slumber and take immediate cognizance of cases like this.

No human being in his right mind should allow this. All like-minded people should come together to fight against greedy politicians who are depriving the needy of their fundamental rights.

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