Sep 2, 2013

Former Executive producer of 4realnews channel cheated many

Dear Administrator, Mr. Anurag Tripathi  ( Former Executive producer 4real news channel ) cheated many people in noida and delhi by fake assurances. This gentleman told many people that he is very close to UP CM Akhilesh yadav and has deep roots in central government as well. He cheated many people including one of my friend by promising them for Good postings (in Noida or Ghaziabad) in State electricity department that come directly under UP's CM.

This Fraud demanded and  grabbed a token amount of 3 Lakh by promising  transfer in Noida In PVVNL for the post of EXN in Electricity dept while working in 4real news channel and left the Job. the Total case was settled in 8 lakh. Similar cases has been told by many people, that Mr. Anurag tripathi have Cheated them as well for Jobs and Transfer posting.  After leaving the Job he is underground his mobile is switched off and out of contact. My friend is now planning to lodge a FIR against Mr. Anurag for the fraud. I kindly request you to post on your website so that people may get aware about the misconduct and fraud.

Thanks a lot.
ajay choudhary

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