Sep 24, 2013

Please reconsider the decision on division of Andhra Pradesh, as there is nothing that is final, permanent and irrevocable

The Honorable Prime Minister,                                                              
Government of India,
New Delhi.

We have taken note of your recent statement commending the qualities of Rahul Gandhi and thereby your admission that you yourself do not have the abilities and powers to conduct the business of Government of India. These supposed qualities of Rahul Gandhi appear to be entirely in having direct personal access to the Congress high command. This is a sorry state of affairs and we are not at all surprised at the kind of confusion that the party is pushing the state of Andhra Pradesh into at this point.

Nevertheless, allow us to state our position once more. Our opposition to the division of Andhra Pradesh is grounded in larger national interest and not in parochial and partisan interests. We have raised these issues several times in the past. And here we do so again to underscore the arguments. Creation of Telangana will give scope for similar demands elsewhere. There won’t be an end to this type of demands.  This will lead to anarchy and frustration among different groups of people; and finally for disintegration of the country. The Telangana protagonists belong to blood sucking families of Patel, Patwari and so called Doras.  They are lazy and spend their time in Gana Bajanas. They had perpetrated bonded labour system. As the saying goes, old habits die hard.When they come back to power and reinstitute old mechanisms of exploitation.

Please note that,

    Telangana leaders have been disrupting the meetings of Rayalaseema & Andhra people in Hyderabad. There has never been an incident of Telangana meetings being disrupted by anyone anywhere. By allowing this, you are permitting only disruptive elements to dictate.

    The involvement of Telangana ministers in separate state movement is a result of a single immature statement of the then Home Minister on December 9, 2009. It carries no conviction but is only an instance of opportunism.

    The so-called leaders of Telangana region oppose presentation of facts to all people of A.P. Can’t you understand by that they are not interested in allowing people to know the truth or facts? Is it not clear that they do not want their false propaganda to be exposed?

 We once again request you to ponder over on the following:

        All well meaning Telugu speaking People wanted to unite under one administration except few cruel minded feudals who were supporters of Nizam.  Because of that and on the basis of recommendation of First State Reorganization Commission A.P. was formed.
        After the formation of A.P. in 1956 the people of Telangana region who enjoyed absolute tyrannical power over the working class lost it.
        Since then the working classes who were under the clutches of Patels, Patwaries and so called Doras have slowly started coming out of the shackles of these merciless exploiters. And they have slowly getting educated which was a dream for them earlier.
        Self respect of common people has improved in Telangana only after 1956. Earlier these people could not wear foot- ware in the presence of those oppressive tyrants and also they were forced to run on barefoot before and on either side of their horse carts. And also they were made habituated to utter humiliating words like “Nee kalmoktha Dora” (I worship your feet), “nee banchan Dora” (I am your slave), etc.
        It was only in 1956; Hyderabad became the capital for the Telugu speaking areas but not for eight districts of Telangana which were under Nizam.
        Bonded labour which was prevalent in this region is also abolished.
        These developments have irked the earlier bosses and their offsprings of the erstwhile Hyderabad province of A.P.
        These ruthless feudal exploiters of all sorts are making hue and cry with false propaganda of development and employment, and also started giving false hopes to the gullible people of the region.
        Can anybody prove that the wealth created in the so called Telangana districts was taken away to Andhra and Rayalaseema areas? On the other hand the wealth from other parts (Andhra and Rayalaseema areas) was brought and invested in the present Telangana districts and thus created more employment.
        Irrational sentiments are aroused by the anti-social, power-hungry, unemployed politicians along with some corrupt employees. So, such elements must be checked or curbed at the budding stage itself.
        Are the Persons whose actions will create hatred among the people and finally lead to disintegration of the country being treated as patriots or antinationals?
        ‘Sons of the soil’ theory will ruin the unity of the Country and only anarchy will rule. Had the authorities taken an uncompromising step at the initial stage on the Siva Sena and like parties the present state of affairs would have not come up, and the Country might not have faced problems with these callous divisive forces.
        Some people are quoting Dr.Ambedkar saying that he favored smaller sates for administrative convenience. He said this only when the Transport and Communication systems were not developed. The same people never say that Dr.Ambedkar specifically recommended Hyderabad to be the second capital of India.

Allow us to ask you a few questions in this regard.

    Is it worthy of the Prime Minister to create unhappiness among the people living harmoniously except to satisfy few selfish people who are coming from human blood suckers families?

    Sir you feel hurt at the slightest suggestion that you are responsible for the present plight of the country. Yet you have no hesitation in harming hundreds of thousands of young people and others by dividing Andhra Pradesh for no reason?

    People of this country know that you are honest to the core. Will it suffice for a Prime Minister, though it is also necessary? Is it not obligatory to protect the interests of all the people of a Nation without any bias?

    Sir you may feel grateful to a dictatorial chief of your party who might be responsible for your present position?  But having occupied that high office, is it not your responsibility to look after the interests of nearly 125 crore people of this country?

    Your actions clearly suggest malevolence towards some regions of Andhra Pradesh? If you have it, is it worthy of a Prime Minister? Is it not the duty of P.M. to take steps for the wellbeing of all the citizens of the Country?

    How can you justify by creating small states, economy will improve? Don’t you agree that the present crises in economy are due to mishandling of the government?

    Your finance minister says there is no dearth of funds for food security? If it is true why Rupee is in such a gloomy position? Do you think that he is suitable for that post? Why he takes more interest in the division of A.P. than concentrating to rescue down fall of the value of Rupee?

    Why do you support persons interested in investments in shares only?

    We are sure you might be knowing some characters like Shakuni and Shalya in Mahabharata story in which they were depicted as evil minded but posing as well-wishers and loyal to the rulers, now the same type of characters are playing in the guise of advisers to your party chief and party in charges of A.P. state.

    Sir, do you encourage the cause of people who are not interested to divide the linguistic states formed with some purpose or cause of persons interested only in power and money which may ultimately lead to disintegration of our Nation?

     So called leaders of Telangana assuring that they will give protection to other regions people in Hyderabad if separate state is formed. Is it not the responsibility of state governments and the government of India to protect the lives of all its citizens? Who are they to assure? Are they having goonda gangs at their command? Do such people deserve for any official position?

    Is there any one of your cabinet colleagues or CWC members who can use their own reason and point out their own view to your autocratic party chief? Is it the reason that you are favouring Mr.Rahul Gandhi for the post of P.M.? Otherwise how did you arrive to the conclusion that he is only suitable for that post out of 125 crore people? Don’t you know the chair a person occupies will make that person learn most of the things?
    We are happy that you have admitted by your statement though your party is a national party it is in no way better than any regional party where all affairs are controlled by the party head and his/her family members. only.

    Is it not true that Nehru family made great sacrifices for the cause of unity of the Country, though they also enjoyed power? But why the same family members today are forgetting their sacrifices for self interest, although these persons are getting respect because of them?

    Don’t you know Sri K.Kamaraj Nadar, Sri.N.Sanjeeva Reddy, Sri.Lalbahadur Sastry, etc., proved honest and capable administrators?

    What happened at the time of and after partition of India? Has the problem solved? No. why? Who benefitted by partition? Is it common man? No. But who? Only the ruling classes? Even after 66 years, are people living peacefully in both the countries? Is it not typical example that divisions of provinces are not going to help the people except the disgruntled politicians who are after power?

    Now it is time for you to decide whether you want to keep the country united or let it disintegrate even after some time to stick on to the chair.

    Don’t you think had the people of freedom struggle who sacrificed their lives for the cause of independence to this country alive they would have committed suicide for the present state of affairs?

Sir, is there anything that is final, permanent and irrevocable Please think? Please don’t allow the country’s unity be disturbed at any cost by yielding to the demands of separatists who are not at all concerned about the peoples welfare and National integration.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

J.V. Ramana Reddy,

S R Sankaran Grama Chaitanya Kendram,

Kommaneturu colony, Gudur Mandal,

Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh – 524 406

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