Sep 24, 2013


Mumbai’s finest MY MUMBAI SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2013 will take place on 3 October 2013 at Ravindra natya mandir's Mini theater, dadar (w), which is organized by Universal Marathi. Winners will be picking from each 5 categories amongst more than 100 entries. Winners will be honored with Trophy, certificate as well as cash prize. All entries will be judged for creativity, quality, and originality by a diverse jury comprised of film industry professionals, academicians. This will be one houseful affair and a treat for movie buffs, as many thronged the venue in the last year 2012. Short film experts will share their experiences and will give tips on the technicalities of filmmaking as well as share the increasing awareness about short films around the world. This festival will give audiences the opportunity to see short films from around the world.

“My Mumbai” Short Film Festival is gradually becoming an integral part of Mumbai’s culture. Short Films dealing with villages, cities, states, national and international subjects are screened in it. Tribute will be paid to Chitrapat Maharshi Dadasaheb Falke and Dadasaheb Torne As well as salute to the 100 year tradition of Cinema . Short film media industry is going through a transformation and cutbacks... This is an effort to take Short Films to great heights. The Festival, in addition to all this, has arranged Short film dialogue circle, Click photo exhibition and short film Book exhibition.

Universal Marathi demanding entries of short films for MY MUMBAI short film festival before 22 September 2013. Mobile shoot, animation, social awareness, ad film, international short film are categories of this festival. The number of film festivals in the city has also gone up. Even smaller cities are now hosting short film festivals, something that was earlier restricted only to metros. A major reason for the rise in the number of people making short films is the increased number of mass communication institutes which ask their students to make films as a part of their curriculum.  Although this movement is in its evolutionary phase, the ball has been set rolling and it will only be a matter of time before short films get the attention they deserve. The fact that the city youngsters are making films despite budget constraints is really commendable.  Mobile shoot films will be new showcase for those creative peoples in this My Mumbai short film festival. Many BMM students are mostly taking advantage of it. Independent films are typically made on a very low budget by amateur or professional filmmakers. This festival is aimed at encouraging that independent filmmaking.

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