Sep 3, 2013

How a god can do this kind of thing with a cheap type of TV actress?

Jagdish Singh : I m going 2 tell u a real story about Nityanand Paramhans & one of his ardent devotees, who is a very senior officer from Indian Revenue Services. The devotee used to consider Nityanand as a super man, a god, a man of many miracles & having lot of power of healing. When in 2010, he saw the sex video of N on TV, he started crying like a child & that too in office. He was crest fallen. How a god can do this kind of thing with a cheap type of T.V actress? (It's another matter that N himself told the investigators that he is not impotent & has had sex with 15 different females but with their mutual consent).

Many a colleagues gathered in his office & started counseling him. Then another colleague, who himself was an ardent supporter of N, was called. He told him that after all, N is also a man & men will remain men, whether they r ordinary mortals, saints r self proclaimed gods. They all have basic beast instinct. So there is nothing to cry about behavior of N, who has just been exposed by some disgruntled person. The crying senior official is still in faith but now he visits & worships other "gods ". He will keep it doing, till last god on earth is not exposed.

From Jagdish Singh  FB wall.

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