Sep 10, 2013

An idea, atheist TV channel in India

Swami Balendu : For a long time I have an idea in my mind about an atheist TV channel in India. It should broadcast program based on rational thoughts, bringing awareness  against superstition and breaking bad traditions in this country where the media is a very powerful medium to spread superstition! Not only religious channels but  the main-stream media, too, contribute in spreading all sorts of superstition on the name of faith like astrology, evil spirits, ghost possesion, black magic,  illogical rituals and nonsense belief. They pretend to expose the fake superstitious business of conmen like Nirmal Baba and then take money from him and  start showing his nonsense program again!

Anyway, I was talking about the need of a TV channel which exposes thousands of culprits like Asaram and keeps a critical point of view towards religion and God. I will spoil the children of religious people by showing them this channel. I strongly feel this is the time for our country to have a channel like this and develop scientific thinking in masses. I believe people would like something different even in a religious country like India. Of course you can call it my hopeful positive attitude but I believe it will not only bring a new conciseness and awareness but also will get TRP. What to say, I am lacking some money otherwise I will start it tomorrow. But if there is somebody who wants to finance it, I have the full game plan and am ready to give my services.

From Swami Balendu FB wall.

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