Sep 3, 2013

It's an enthralling episode of Indian political and Religious serial ...!

Uday Prakash : Asaram now, appears to be Modi in religious thuggery and Modi an Asaram in politics .  It's a high time when all have to be skeptical about whoever is playing a populist tricks .... Remember, he was Modi who spoke against Asaram, contrary to his parties' stand. In fact, he was defiant about his own 'other self'.  It's an enthralling episode of Indian political and Religious serial ...!

From Uday Prakash FB wall.

Kavita Srivastava : Dear friends, Pehle Asaram, phir Ptasaram , Ab Phasaram, hey Ram!! Very cleverly the Jodhpur contingent of Rajasthan Police with the help of Indore Police arrested him and got Asaram ( Asumal) out of his Indore Ashram and the entourage of cars sped away into thin air and disappeared. Leaving the media speculating whether he would be brought to Bhopal, Delhi or through a chartered plane to Jodhpur.

Hopefully, they should be in Jodhpur tomorrow from where he is sent to Jail. I hope the Jodhpur DJ does not grant him bail.

Secondly, the father of the girl in Shahjhanpur, UP who had sat on fast unto death, was very pleased. He was not sure whether he would break the fast now or tomorrow, but he was clear that there should be an immediate charge sheet and bail should be opposed tooth and nail by the prosecution.

We are very pleased about it as the drama had been going on for too long.


From Kavita Srivastava FB wall.

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