Jun 13, 2016



 Coming back from Gargi college which is situated on the Siri Firt Road, Delhi where I was appearing for my exam scheduled to happen from 3 to 6 pm, I, like a good child of “TRADITIONAL” India was giving all the details about those 3 hours to my biological mother, depicting her how the whole “tensed-to-be” exam environment was turned into a comic situation, where students with high hopes of cheating were doing everything to get a sneak peak of the answers the person sitting next to them was indulged in writing…and nowadays they see themselves as no less than “ARYABHATTA’S” of cheating…devising new and new methods, thinking of doing good to the next generation making them equip with all the updated styles of cheating.

Well if cheating was restricted to student’s level, it would have been acceptable, as satirically the mental pressure the child has within those three “handful” hours to at least get till the finishing line before the last contendant, is something that only he could understand… but what would you react on getting to know that the Invigilators themselves were giving them suggestions. No…No…not to stop cheating…but to cheat in a low voice..

While I was giving a narration of this “EPIC GATHA”, I was switching T.V. channels as well…and normally there is nothing that could keep a girl hold her chattering…

But some big bold fonts in white over Red background sliding in and out of the T.V. screen with breaking news swirling on top of them had successfully caught my attention.

The headline was about 2 or 3 Bihar toppers who were unable to answer some sort of  atomic numbers….which I being a proud commerce student wasn’t interested in…yet my junior who recently entered into 11th science stream was jumping overly excited to be able to answer few of the Board questions.

Anyways the issue regarding which I was concerned was not about those questions that they were unable to figure out. The issue that I found most intriguing was the fact that firstly they were from the “TOPPERS GANG” and secondly Bihar government had filled cases against those children.

To be clear I am  in no way related to them…but being myself a student, I don’t  find this logical……  So basically this whole “DRAMA” started when few of the “RESPONSIBLE” news channels questioned these state toppers and when they were unable to prove their intelligence headline was meant to happen…and as a progress there have been cases against only those few toppers who were being “caught on camera” giving wrong answers, the simplest way of handling a situation…and well.. What about those students who all have passed?? Was cheating only done by those 3 children and we have assumed everyone else to be “RAJA HARISHCHANDRA” who have passed without peeping even for a single question.

There is no action against the centres wherein the students gave exams…there is no action against all those teachers who themselves promote students to cheat... Maybe there might be against some of them.. But that number is “nothing” against the actual statistics…there is no action against all other students who have also passed.. There is no one interested in trying to find out the real solution to the problem.. and at the other hand “CASES” have been filled against “CAUGHT ON CAMERA” students.

Filling cases? Is this what the government think would stop future cheatings??

Well…maybe.. where India was known worldwide for its education system.. its scholars.. now it is not even a issue in front of all the election chaos..

From 6 in the evening till late midnights I find many news channels making debates happen on all “So called important” issues, perhaps all a political drama.

To solve this situation you have to dig your head deep inside and try to analyze the roots…

The problem starts with the whole education system.. teachers coming late to classes.. giving students poor written notes which they themselves are not able to explain… poor study material filled with all sorts of grammatical flaws and then “WE” the so called “ENLIGHTENED” students overly impressed with quotes of THOMAS A.ADISON swapping on all the social media sites during exam season which goes by “A SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER CAN’T DECIDE MY FUTURE”. Yes, why not, and then we only grow up being a part of those teachers who are then again “CAUGHT ON CAMERA” giving all sorts of wrong combinations of letters, spelling “SCHOOL” as “SCUKL”, “INSTITUTE” as “INSTUTE” and then conducting retest of 13 toppers giving clean chit to 11 of them, was it all? Was it sufficient to make only the 13 toppers give retest?? Is this how every year things would happen?? Or how seeing this much hype in media, seeing some of the arrests, the whole cheating drama would now stop? And does all these detentions, arrests and cancellation of results would be able to wash off all the black blots on BIHAR??

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