Apr 19, 2016

Journey from a Corporate Lawyer to heading Media Startup: Praxis Media Pvt Ltd

New Delhi, April 2016 : Swagateeka Patel, Founder & Director, Praxis Media Private Limited has launched her own startup in the Marketing, Branding and Media Services industry. She has completed Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (BA.LLb) degree from SSLC, Pune. College was the most defining and crucial period of her life. Hailing from a small town in Odisha, the five years of college gave her life its true meaning. Apart from the mammoth sized law books and endless late nights, it taught her about adaptability, patience, fearlessness and most of all it taught her to test her potential

She shifted to Delhi to work with a corporate law firm. After two job switches and 4 years of work experience, she took a break in 2014. One year of self-assessment made her quit the legal profession and follow her passion of connecting with people and serving them. The life-changing moment for her was taking the plunge of starting her own venture especially when she had no experience. She took the big decision on the basis of sheer belief and passion. After a year, the success of Praxis Media makes her feel that the risk was worthwhile.

About Praxis Media
The literal meaning of word ‘Praxis’ is application or use. The name ‘Praxis Media’ reflects the ideology with which the Company was incorporated i.e, the application of fresh, creative and unique ideas/knowledge/skills for regenerating and enhancing brands/business of our clients. Praxis Media Private Limited is an insight driven media and marketing services company that helps in boosting businesses and services and taking them to their zenith through awards and accreditations, brand management and strategy, business advisory, market research, marketing solutions, strategic public relations, media management, reputation management, design and communication solutions.

The ‘Eureka’ moment came when Praxis closed their first deal successfully. The business model of Praxis Media is simple – it is providing branding and marketing services to organizations/individuals through ratings and accreditations. The company is  self-financed and Swagatika has not engaged in any bootstrapping activities.

She reiterates, “Thankfully, being a lawyer I was aware of the formalities involving incorporation of a private limited company. However, my apprehensions were after post-incorporation of the Company. There were lots of unanswered questions as to how to get employees, initial financial hiccups, where to get clients and lots more. But, Internet has made a lot of things easier. We were able to hire with the help of various job portals, connect with clients through social media platforms and this convenience of internet gave us our tagline “where local becomes global”.

Future Plans of Innovation
“We just turned 1 in January, and right now we are focusing on serving our existing clientele to the best and grow gradually with time.The first 2-3 years is all about creating your niche in the industry and we are catering to that.”

Meeting the current market demands
Everyone needs branding and marketing. Be it a ‘Honda’, ‘Colgate’ or ‘Maggi’, marketing helps you remain in the minds of your clients and creates options for potential clients. Today, the entrepreneurship market is blooming like anything. With our Government’s initiatives like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’, a lot many start-ups are coming. In today’s cut-throat competition market the demand for recognition & branding is limitless. At Praxis Media, we understand that ‘branding’ is the essence of any business or service and thus immaculate branding helps in identifying true value of the businesses and services and facilitates their growth. Praxis Media Private Limited was established not as the self-evident consequences of a set of sufficient causes but to create opportunities and generate brands/businesses of our esteemed clients by fulfilling their every marketing and advertising need. We not only help in making successful brands and reliable services but also facilitate sustainable market growth and ensure our clients remain at the top – always.

Why Praxis Media?
Their USP is corporate ethos and team work. “Our corporate ethos is best reflected in our name itself. At ‘Praxis’, we practice and use creative, unique, customized and value-added marketing and business solutions that expands our clients’ market reach, cushions their business risks, enables them take more effective  and informed decisions and gets them the optimum return on investment.”

The core team constitutes of a bunch of young and experience people with fresh and innovative ideas, working with an unmatched zeal, to achieve mandated targets as well as deliver defined outcomes. We are always available for our clients – to listen, analyse, strategize and deliver. We take pride in stating that we provide a fresh, dynamic, enthusiastic and innovative approach while catering to a diversified clientele belonging to every sector of business and service.

Words of Wisdom
Have no fear of established names in the industry and confidence. If you have the zeal and patience, there is scope for everyone and success is guaranteed.

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