Dec 28, 2015

Hindi - Rashtrabhasha? Time has come to examine, why this did not become possible so far

(i) There has been little effort to improve the quality of work being done in Hindi. There are Hindi FB posts where spelling mistakes are common. It seems 'Anuswar' doesn't exist.

(ii) Those who have been given responsibility of 'Hindi Dept.' in Government, Public Sector and other such organizations haven't done enough. Most of them have acted like 'budget hogs'.

(iii) Many printers have become publishers. They take money from authors, publish substandard literature at exorbitant prices and unethically push those books to consume budget of Libraries. I have seen authors selling those books from their homes at 25% - 30% of the printed prices. When a Hindi reader picks up that, he doesn't find it worth the price printed on it. It results in crisis of confidence in Hindi Literature.

(iv) It is easy to say, such practices exist in other Languages. But none those languages is our 'Rashtra-bhasha'. So, when it comes to doing 'responsible work' we take shelter in imitation of other erring languages. And we make noises about, "Why Indian do not use more of Hindi?' It is like spreading 'garbage' in a hall and observing no one came for a proposed meeting.

(v) If we fret over the increasing use of English language, we must be aware of the fact that English is the best taught language in the world. Can we do something to make Hindi a better taught language than last year?

(vi) There is a long list of 'Dos' before Hindi Language can claim its rightful place. That can only happen happen if we have a thousand concerted efforts in place.

(vii) By the way, by 2030, Hindi will be a language spoken by most humans. It will surpass all other languages. The moot question is what sort of 'crown' such a reigning language is going to wear? Will it be a crown of 'garbage' that we are manufacturing today with lot of false pride or that crown will be decorated by gems like excellence, diligence, learning and knowledge?


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