Dec 14, 2015

Insult to Bhagat Singh / Freedom struggle by Haryana Govt.

Dear All

Would you feel concerned at this? How many of you know Mangal Sen? Is he bigger than Shaheed Bhagat Singh? Haryana Govt. led by RSS diehard ML Khattar(A Punjabi himself) thinks so. He rescinds Haryana state assembly's unanimous resolution to name Chandigarh airport on the name of Bhagat Singh and instead insists on naming it on Mangal Sen-a one time diehard RSS prachark of Haryana! This is love of RSS/BJP for Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries, whose name they use day and night to hit at their political adversaries!But now cat is out of bag-their love for Bhagat Singh stands exposed and they heap insults on Bhagat Singh and all revolutionaries of freedom struggle.

But would youth of country and first of all Haryana itself will allow it to heap insults on their supreme hero? Only time will tell. Mainstream media has probably deliberately suppressed the sensational decision of Haryana govt, without taking even state assembly into confidence which passed unanimous resolution in this regard. Senior Punjabi journalist Baljit Balli has exposed Haryana Govt and Modi Govt.'insult to supreme martyr of the nation in his web media Punjab MP Ravneet Bittu got this reply of central govt. in Parliament-yet Congress will disturb the Parliament on petty issues, but will not focus on this national insult not only to Bhagat Singh but whole of freedom struggle. What about other Parliament MP's of Punjab, Haryana and India!? Do they accept insult to Bhagat Singh quietly?

Chaman Lal,
Professor(Retired), JNU, New Delhi
Former President JNU Teachers Association(JNUTA)
Cell no. +919646494538

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