Dec 5, 2015

Immediately STOP the GRAVE ERROR of Journalism

Dear Mr. Sunil Baghel,

Ref: Article published by you: in
1] Ahmedabad Mirror dated 15.11.2015
2] Mumbai Mirror dated 15.11.2015
3] Pune Mirror dated 15.11.2015
4] Online as per Link above dated 15.11.2015
5] Navbharat Times, New Delhi dated 16.11.2015
6] Any other edition that I do not know

What a grave error of journalism has been committed by Times Group in reporting the above mentioned articles that:

a) No one consulted me before publishing the articles, a gross violation of media ethics.

b) Not only my name but picture also published, highlighting my identity comprehensively with negative portrays.

c) The news targets me, an individual, at the behest of TATA VALUE HOMES, doesn't have mass appeal.

d) Heading itself was wrong- There was no boss bashing but a TRUTHFUL feedback was posted under APPROPRIATE "REVIEW" section on Tata Value Homes Page of Facebook - TATA VALUES HOMES is CHEATING CUSTOMERS by arbitrarily increasing SALE AREA, I have written proof of that and will show to your reporter with explanation.

e) Tata Value Homes did criminal activity by sending goons to rob, manhandle and illegally restrain me on 17.06.2015, case admitted in Bahadurgarh Court. Before that, I wrote to scores of reporters/ anchors in Times Group Electronic as well as Print media, no one was taker of true & sad plight of a common man. But you aligned with CAPITALIST TATAs, who believe that everything in this World can be bought over by MONEY POWER, were you also?????

With due respect to Hon'ble Bombay High Court (Being represented legally), TATAs went ahead, submitted wrong facts in writing and got EX-PARTE INTERIM ORDER as I could not attend hearing in Mumbai on 08.10.2015 as notice from TATA's Advocates was served to me on 06.10.2015, 08:30 PM. And it's so disgusting that TATAs are taking illegal & unethical advantage of the High Court's interim order with your help!

I have been an avid reader of Times of India for 20 years, you boast of FAIR JOURNALISM and I appreciate "Times view" on news of importance of masses, but what have you done here????? You have done a journalism which has finished my professional career!!!!!

Please discuss with the Editor-in-Chief to depute a senior reporter on damage control as well as on course correction against this news immediately, in discussion with me, to my satisfaction.

I reserve my rights to sue "BENNETT, COLEMAN & Co. Ltd."and "Times Group and it's applicable Subsidiaries" in suitable legal forum to seek damages for killing my career.

Waiting for immediate response,


Nitya Nand Sinha
House No. 649-P, Sector 5
Gurgaon, Haryana
Cell 9717490001

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